The Garden Isle

Big Island
da kine
my world


Kaua'i is just unbelievably beautiful.
There are canyons all over the place.
My favourite house god, the mo'i.
On Kaua'i more than any other of the islands I've been to, chickens trot around freely. This one checking that trafic is behaving.
Lots of religiosity on the islands; many different denominations that of course all have their own pictoresque churces.
Hawaiian salt ponds. The Hawaiian salt is more or less red depending on the procedure after harvesting it. It is the best salt on earth, very healthy, and is hard to get hold of.
We went fishing with some friends and their neighbours. Lots of sun, plenty beer, and good fun.
Charming local girl Chelsea who called me Aunty and thereby gave me a great compliment.