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Mau'i, the Valley Isle, has a special place in my heart.
Haleakala crater, roughly in the middle of the whole island, at ca 6000ft elevation. The air is quite thin and wonderfully clear.
Maybe the menehunes built this wall. The menehunes are small people with extraordinary strength. Feed them one shrimp and they will dig you a well.
Not longing back to European winter. At the time it was winter and whales were having a good time all over the Mau'i coast.
On the eastern end of the island is Hana, where I met one of my favourite informants, a really laid back and at ease guy. The winding road to Hana is breathtakingly beautiful and nervwreckingly narrow.
The nicest towns are those which have kept their old days flavour. Pa'ia is an old sugar plantation town. My personal favourite is Wailuku.