The Big Isle


da kine
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The Big Island is still growing by the moment, with the active volcano, in which Pele lives, pouring out lava. The Hilo (east) side - which I personally prefer - of the island is rainy and green, with lots of water falls, but the Kona (west) side is sunny and dry (and exceedingly touristy).
We lived way up hill near Papa'aloa, in this B&B hosted by a couple of well meaning ex hippies. Every morning I got up at dawn and had my fruit breakfast.
Every morning I drove the ca 45 minutes to Hilo, a pretty boring town on the surface, but a place where I met so much aloha and generosity I just couldn't believe it.
My all time favourite informant, Tutu Ruth. Born 1905 she bore 15 children, raised 13 of them, lived through all sorts of hardships, and now lets me into her home and tells me her story.
Tutu Ruth's land is down the Waipio Valley. Her son Clyde took us down the steep hill and showed us his childhood country side.