Viveka Velupillai

e-mail: Viveka(dot)Velupillai(at)anglistik(dot)uni(dash)giessen(dot)de
  • research interests

    Contact Linguistics:

    Pidgin, creole and mixed languages, both from a synchronic and diachronic perspective; synchronic structures of pidgin, creole and mixed languages as compared by other natural spoken languages; varieties of English around the world; language contact and grammaticalization.

    • Project manager (together with Magnus Huber) of DEPiCT.
    • Took part in the APiCS project.

    Linguistic Typology & Language Universals:

    Global patterns of tense and aspect; global patterns of syntactic structures; global patterns of language change; grammaticalization from a global perspective; synchronic structures of Sign Languages as compared to spoken languages.

    Historical Linguistics:

    The diachronic development of contact languages; the outcome of contact between Norn and Scots; Indo-European Comparative Linguistics; grammaticalization and language history; the history of the Germanic languages; the Germanic tense-aspect system as a consequence of language contact.

    • Am member of the ASJP consortium.

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